Levelling Up Fund - progress in 2021

Levelling Up Fund submission

In June 2021 we submitted a bid to the Levelling Up Fund, a government funding stream designed to support the "levelling up" agenda. We're really proud of the bid and excited by its potential. We learnt a lot from the Future High Street Fund and the positive, constructive feedback we were given by MHCLG, the government department who appraised our bid and will also be judging the Levelling Up Fund.

To make sure that we keep you involved we're keen to share the key parts of that bid (below). 

Levelling Up Fund bid (website version)


Moving from idea to reality- the development process

Our goal for this project is to really create something which other places will look at in the future and model their thoughts on, that really can be seen as a great example of modern regeneration which is not just about shiny buildings but about creating real change and making people’s lives better. And that we as a community can genuinely be proud of and enjoy. To do that we’re going to need to find the right balance between bringing absolute industry leaders in to work with us and setting things up in the right way so that local businesses can be exposed to the skills and knowledge of those industry experts whilst also delivering the work with their local knowledge and passion.


Now that we’ve submitted the Levelling Up Fund submission we are keen to keep moving forward to fully explore the scheme and move towards Planning.


And the first step in that is appointing a Development Manager. Which we’ve done. And, as you might be able to tell, we’re excited about it. And hopefully you will be too. Because we feel that it’s easy to say you want to get industry leaders interested in our project, but a very different one to deliver, and to get them interested and enthused by our work down here in Bideford.


igloo Regeneration will act as Development Manager for Isaac’s Yard up to Full Planning.

Some reasons why this is such a good fit:


So watch this space for some fun ahead- with more regular details also available on the Bid for Bideford- Isaac’s Yard Facebook page!